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Since 1996, WAGNER is producing special lubricants for vintage cars. Exclusively in Germany.  Using only the best ingredients and, of course, only primary raffinates!

Oils and special lubricats of WAGNER are never cheap - but always worth the money! Best quality results - in lubricants as in the kitchen – when using the best ingredients. And only small, specialized companies are able, regardless of costs, to use always the best ingredients. Those looking for top quality at reasonable prices decides in favor of oils and lubricants from the small but fine Bavarian lubricant manufactory of Walter Wagner.

By the way, if you need information on lubricants for vintage cars you simply call +49 9085-960-1446. Our vintage car specialist Ruediger Boecking would be pleased to advise you personally. And should he does not know advice he will transmit your question to Walter Wagner in person. In case of doubt, you will be advised by the manufacturer himself who is an expert with decades of experience! Did you try this once with Mr Castrol or Mrs Shell?

The company WAGNER Spezialschmierstoffe in Wechingen in the Bavarian Swabia is the largest and oldest provider of special lubricants for vintage cars in Germany. The completeness of the range of WAGNER´s Oldieoel cannot be compared with others of this branch. WAGNER´s Oldieoel Shop sells:

Additives, Bactofin, diesel oils, single grade racing oil, solid lubricant oils, greases & pastes, antifreeze fluids, fork and shock oil, gear sealant, interior cleaner for gears, low-viscosity grease for gears, gear oil for automatic gearboxes, gear oil for self-locking differentials, HD- oils (alloyed), hydraulic oil, anti-corrosion grease, anti-corrosion oil, fuel system cleaners, cooling lubricants, copper paste, leather care products, low-viscosity gear oil, low-viscosity oils, longlife oils, multigrade racing oil, multi-purpose grease, mineral oil, engine sealant, interior cleaner for engines, engine oil, multi-purpose oils, neutral detergent, top oil, oil additive, gear oil for vintage cars, oils for vintage cars, two-stroke oil for vintage cars, oils, racing oils, rust protection, rust converters, tank-rust protection, tank sealing, technical sprays, fuel additive, unalloyed engine oils, veteran racing oil, fully synthetic racing oil and of course two-stroke oil .

The speciality of WAGNER´s Oldieoel is all kinds of vintage cars, modern classic cars and veteran vehicles, such as cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, Mockicks, mopeds, motorcycles, historic utility vehicles, tractors, etc., etc.

And if we do not have in our catalogue the suitable lubricat for a special case, we surely will have an idea. Describe us your problem – we will find the right solution for you. Guaranteed!

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